TePe Special toothbrushes

TePe have a variety of special toothbrushes for people with specific needs such as post dental surgery patients.  TePe Toothbrushes also allow targeted access to orthodontics (such as braces), implants and dentures.

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  • TePe Special Care Kit

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  • TePe Special Care Adult (Red)

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  • TePe Special Care Compact (Blue)

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  • TePe Gentle Care Toothbrush

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  • TePe Implant Care Brush

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  • TePe Implant/Ortho Brush

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  • TePe Compact Tuft Toothbrush

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  • ON SALE TePe Tongue Cleaner

    TePe Tongue Cleaner

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  • TePe Interspace Soft (12 tips)

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  • TePe Interspace Medium (12 tips)

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  • Tepe Denture Brush with long strong filaments

    TePe Denture Brush

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