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Breath Pearls Breath Freshener Original 50pcs


Breath Pearls unlike conventional breath fresheners which only mask odour, all natural Breath Pearls give you lasting confidence by attacking bad breath at the source.


Breath Pearls Original works from the inside out and doesn’t affect the taste of food or alcohol. If you love food but worry about the effects on your breath, try Breath Pearls Original for long lasting fresh breath.


  • A capsule you take like a tablet
  • Works from the stomach up / inside out
  • Creates sensation in your throat
  • Can smell aroma on your breath
  • Long-lasting / up to 4 hours
  • Calms your stomach / aids digestion / relieves nausea
  • All-natural / nothing artificial
  • No sugar or alcohol
  • Made with essentials oils

Breath Pearls Original  softgel capsules containing peppermint and parley seed oils for lasting fresh breath. If symptoms persist consult  your health practitioner.


Not artificial Flavours & No preservatives. No Sugar & No Alcohol & Gluten Free – Australian Made

Peppermint Oil 20mg, Parsley Seed Oil 16mg, Gelatine Capsule.

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