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TePe Mini Flosser 1pc sample


The TePe Mini Flosser is designed to make flossing easy. Te design of the flossette makes it easy to use, and the bite plane enables you to gentle bite the floss into place if you have tight contacts or the area where the teeth touch. Ideal for adults who find regular dental floss difficult to use, and for teaching children how to floss.

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TePe Mini Flosser is a pre-loaded dental flosser with holder for easy and comfortable cleaning between the teeth. It is especially useful for those who find regular dental floss difficult to use.
TePe Mini Flosser has a specially designed bite plane, which helps to gently insert the floss between the teeth. The strong and slim dental floss can be used in very narrow interdental spaces. The Mini Flosser can be used several times.

Single cello wrapped sample

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