New TePe GOOD Colours!

TePe GOOD, the sustainable toothbrush from TePe Oral Hygiene Products, now comes in three new colours, making it easier for the whole family to brush environmentally friendly.

Since the launch of TePe GOOD in 2018, users world-wide have asked for more handle colours besides green. TePe Oral Hygiene Products is now happy to present three more colours, yellow, turquoise and pink, in their sustainable toothbrush range. This means that all three toothbrush sizes, Regular, Compact and Mini, come in four handle colours. The new colours will be gradually introduced during December 2019 to February 2020.

The TePe GOOD toothbrush enables sustainable and effective daily oral care. Thanks to the renewable raw material (sugar cane), 95 % of the CO2 emissions are recirculated through the life cycle of the toothbrush handle, making it next to climate neutral.